Night Nurses is the collaboration of song-writer, Lee Preston, and producer, Chaimes Parker. A project born out of late-night recording sessions at their studio outside of Providence, RI, the duo explore a myriad of genres, while keeping each song under a familiar, dreamy umbrella. A stream of synth-like textures and swirling echoes run through their music as it shifts from wide-eyed and still indie-rock to searing post-punk. In 2017, they released their debut EP, a single, and toured the eastern US alongside Soft Fangs.





04.14.17 w/ Museyroom, Mike Decosta, & Gap Year @ Psychic Readings in Providence, RI
05.05.17 w/ Clever Girls, Eliza, & Missile Girl @ Trixie’s Palace in Allston, MA
05.07.17 w/ Thin Lips, Dump Him, & Stampeter @ Flywheel Collective in Easthampton, MA
07.25.17 w/ Full Body, Hate Club, & Twin Foxes @ Watermyn Co-op in Providence, RI
07.31.17 w/ Badfellows, Older Brother, & FINE. @ Aurora in Providence, RI
08.28.17 w/ Mundy’s Bay & Elephants @ O’Brien’s Pub in Allston, MA
09.09.17 w/ Kal Marks, Bat House, & Clever Girls @ Speaking Volumes in Burlington, VT
09.14.17 w/ Soft Fangs @ Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY
09.15.17 w/ Soft Fangs & Bunny Boy @ Red Kross House in Northampton, MA
09.16.17 w/ Soft Fangs, Poppies, & Drug Bug @ Space Camp in Syracuse, NY
09.17.17 w/ Soft Fangs & Twen @ Vinyl Tap in Nashville, TN
09.19.17 w/ Soft Fangs & Wharm @ 934 Gallery in Columbus, OH
09.20.17 w/ Soft Fangs, Buddy List, & Addy @ S.ADD House in Richmond, VA
09.21.17 w/ Soft Fangs, No Honeymoon, & Coaches @ Throne Watches in Brooklyn, NY
09.22.17 w/ Soft Fangs & Half Hearted Hero @ News Café in Pawtucket, RI
09.23.17 w/ Soft Fangs, Puppy Problems, & Banana @ O’Brien’s Pub in Allston, MA
09.29.17 w/ Today Junior & Dwarf Cannon @ Leavitt Theater in Ogunquit, ME
10.27.17 w/ Clever Girls, Belly Up, & Sleeping In @ Gnarnia in Burlington, VT
11.20.17 w/ Ian Fitzgerald, Jack Donavan, & Jillian Kay @ Psychic Readings in Providence, RI
01.19.18 w/ Cherry N’ Webb @ The Parlor in Newport, RI
01.22.18 w/ Soft Fangs, Future Teens, & Cameron Keiber @ Alchemy in Providence, RI
01.23.18 w/ Clever Girls, Gloombug, & Snail Talk @ O’Brien’s Pub in Allston, MA
01.27.18 w/ Clever Girls & Julia Caesar @ Radio Bean in Burlington, VT
01.29.18 w/ Bluffing @ Tender Trap in Brooklyn, NY
02.01.18 w/ Babylawns & Plains @ The Garage in Portsmouth, NH
02.03.18 w/ Lake Effect Whales & Shallow Alcove @ Space Camp in Syracuse, NY


"I don't know what 'I live on a dragonfly' is supposed to mean, but I've been humming it all night"
                                                  -Eric Baylies, The Noise-Boston